Abstract Color Block Paintings

(previous) Follingstad’s work comes from a personal relationship with the sights and experience of the natural world, and she often paints in an outdoor studio. Her vision, in tune with the rhythm and pulse of the world around her, is tangible in her ability to yoke color and form to her subtle perceptions. Far from formulaic or over-worked, each image strikes a balance between inspired spontaneity and an experienced hand. Her finished surfaces, especially in her most recent oil paintings, are smooth and richly saturated. The paint, often in mesmerizing palettes of red, ochre, and rose, vibrates across the surface of the canvas or paper, capturing the drama of a rain cloud or the serenity of a desert snowfall. Much like these experiences behold an infinite variety of subtle nuances, each painting is but one iteration of the infinite possibilities inherent in the shifting relationships between line, color, and shape. (continue)


Blue      Watercolor on Paper       19.5″ x 16.5″       Price


Flare        Oil on Paper        13″ x 20″          Price


Green Wave       Oil on Canvas       18″ x 14″      Price


Mirage       Oil on Paper       20″ x 28″        Price


Pink Emerging       Oil on Canvas       30″ x 24″       Price


Collision        Oil on Canvas        24″ x 30″       Price