Scarlet Feather

(previous) Follingstad has produced work in different styles, including both abstraction and realism, in media spanning oil, acrylic, watercolor, gouache, and sumi ink. Her most recent works are abstracted oil paintings in vibrant, glowing palettes. These works represent a mature culmination of several threads that characterize much of her work: an expressionistic sensibility, an eye for distilling essential forms, and a masterful balance between fluid, open forms and grounding, linear gestures. (continue)


Scarlet Feather     Oil on Paper      28″ x 20″     Price


Blind Eye       Oil on Canvas       24″ x 24″          Price


Blue Flight       Oil on Linen       20″ x 20″         Price


Fire Flower       Oil on Canvas        Price


Boxed In        Oil on Linen        32″ X 36″        Price


Pink Tucked In     Oil on Paper       28″ x 20″     Price